How it started

Our story begins with the founder, Margaret, who began working with special education while still attending Thomas Aquinas College. She really enjoyed the work and loved watching the students begin to love discovery and learning. After working with students in a clinical environment, she saw the need to create a comfortable, safe environment for students. The environment of learning is very important, because it affects how the students psychologically approach learning. Creating an atmosphere that is within the comfort of students’ homes, in a non-clinical setting, is crucially important to relaxing the students so that they don’t feel like they are under scrutiny; it helps open up the path to learning. It is a safe environment, because the families will know who their specialist will be, what environment the students will be exposed to and the content of the classes. It was important to create this learning setting for students whose families wanted a safe and effective remediation therapy program. 

It is the most beautiful transformation you will ever see, to watch students grow and blossom when they discover that they can succeed. It really is like watching a dormant garden come to life in the spring and discovering, with the student, what treasures lie therein. There are many times when a student will be frustrated and disappointed, but then they reach a breakthrough and the revelation dawns on them that they are able to achieve what they thought impossible. It is a teacher’s privilege to be able to witness this transformation of a struggling student who then blossoms into a confident and excited learner.

Margaret Walsh

Remember that knowledge without morals is the soul’s ruination.

Saint John Boso

​As a Catholic company, Secret Garden Educational Pathways welcomes all Christians and the discovery of truth along with the classroom remediation, where the students can strengthen their mental processes and pathways while at the same time expressing, discussing and discovering their love of God. ​
Our goal in life is to know and love God and be happy with Him in the next.  Learning and God do not need to be exclusive of each other;  without the right perspective, knowledge loses its purpose. That is how we approach learning here at Secret Gardens Educational Pathways. Materials used support true Christian principles to help the students come to an understanding of their subject matter in light of knowledge of God. For example we use “Book of Virtues”, “Aesop’s Fables” and National Geographic with creationist discussions. Our patron saints are Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. John Bosco.