The Gardening Method

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Secret Garden Educational Pathways provides professional special education support, with a focus on reading and literacy remediation therapy. Founded on research-based methods, themselves modeled off of the Socratic method combined with Aristotelian principles, Secret Garden Educational Pathways aims to help your student unlock his/her hidden potential. The methods used are not subject or curriculum specific but equip the student to approach and tackle any subject in any class. Methods focus on processing pathways and imagery strength. Classes are fun and creative, while at the same time maintaining structure and mental growth. Since each student is unique, the approach we take is tailored to each student’s needs.

The program is cumulative, so each step builds upon the other. With this structure, the students are able naturally reach the level they need, working through their developmental stages. This is not typical ‘tutoring’, but education therapy that is individualized and addresses the cause of difficulties with an outcome of success.

It is the most beautiful transformation you will ever see, to watch students grow and blossom when they discover that they can succeed. It really is like watching a dormant garden come to life in the spring and discovering, with the student, what treasures lie therein. There are many times when a student will be frustrated and disappointed, but then they reach a breakthrough and the revelation dawns on them that they are able to achieve what they thought impossible. It is a teacher’s privilege to be able to witness this transformation of a struggling student who then blossoms into a confident and excited learner.

~ Margaret Walsh, Founder


Student Booster Programs ~ Students work one-on-one with specially trained teachers to overcome their weaknesses

Comprehension and Literacy Program

  • Literacy and comprehension
  • Connecting ideas with what is read
  • Organization of parts and whole
  • Focus, communication and following directions
  • Organization and structure of writing
  • Brain exercises to speed up processing and accuracy

Decoding (reading and spelling) Program

  • Proper sequencing of letters
  • Phonemic awareness and accuracy
  • Word identification
  • Strengthen both working and long term memory
  • Auditory and visual symbol awareness
  • Brain exercises to speed up processing and accuracy

Consultation with Therapists

  • Education Therapy Coaching ~ Learn how to work with your student to overcome learning difficulties
  • Nutritional Therapy Coaching ~ Learn how to implement proper nutritional support for your student and family, highly effective
  • Occupational Therapy Coaching ~ Learn how to help your student with basic tasks, executive function and movement therapy to overcome difficulties
  • Speech Therapy Coaching ~ Learn how to help your student through individual coaching sessions

If You are not sure, then give the director a call and she can help you determine if there is a need.

*All classes are one-on-one with specialists using online web room. Dynamic and engaging environment. Most materials provided and others easily accessible.
**Compatible with any age, grade or curriculum.

We create a dynamic environment of love and care to help the students achieve confidence, independence in learning, and success from the comfort of your own home.

Why a Secret Garden?

Everyone knows the story of a girl who found a secret garden, in great disrepair, hidden on the grounds of a mansion. With tender care and the help of a gardener and friends, she transformed this secret garden into the most lovely arbor of flowers and treasures. Students with learning weaknesses are very similar to that garden in disrepair. The pathways are worn out or not even there and the only way to achieve success is if those pathways are cleared and cultivated. Our specialists help the student cultivate and clear mental pathways to overcome their weaknesses. By strengthening mental pathways, the students are able to discover their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and see beauty they had not known before in order to blossom into successful and happy students. Just as the girl, Mary, found the key to the garden and the vision to transform it into something beautiful, Secret Garden Educational Pathway’s mission is to find the key to your student’s success and vision to help the student overcome his/her weakness to achieve success.