I would first like to give a shout out to all of the amazing students who have improved so much through all their hard work! Here are a few testimonials from families who have used Secret Garden Educational pathways.

Parent Testimonials

​”Life changing.  Margaret’s compassion, demeanor, and expertise have impacted our sons abilities, aptitude and confidence in a way that can only be described as life changing.  With cerebral seizures in the audio/visual processing part of the brain, he was three grades behind.  Once the seizures were under control and with Margaret help, he was able to catch up two grades in the first year.  We will never be able to thank her enough.” Tammy and Eric

“My daughter has struggled with reading attention and reading retention for years. I was at the end of my rope and we were both thoroughly frustrated. My consultant recommended Miss Walsh’s classes. My daughter was able to increase her reading retention tremendously, as well learn how to take notes while she is reading.  (A skill I had tried to teach her for years.) After the classes, my daughter completed reading a historical novel and said for the first time she actually remembered what she read!  Miss Walsh is a fantastic teacher and developed a great rapport with my daughter.  Elizabeth looked forward to her classes and enjoyed the time she spent working with Miss Walsh. I was impressed by the content  Miss Walsh provided during class as well as how well she was able to get the best work out of Elizabeth. I highly recommend her classes!” Jill

“Margaret was a great addition to our homeschool this past year.  She worked with my fourteen year old son on a variety of things including strengthening his use of imagery, improving his retelling skills and increasing his reading comprehension.  My son really looked forward to his classes with Margaret, whose calm and patient ways seemed to decrease his anxiety.  Not only did I see improvement academically but I also saw his confidence increase.  Thank you, Margaret!”  Beth

“Our son was struggling with reading quite a lot and had never really read at grade level.  He always tested very low in reading as well.  After working with Ms. Walsh intensely during a 6 week summer program, his reading ability was noticeably improved, and kept improving as the school year went on.  What has been most remarkable is seeing his most recent test results.  Marked improvement across ALL areas of testing, including the reading!” ~ Robbyn

“My son was struggling with reading comprehension and being able to organize his thoughts enough to be able to write a cohesive paper on his own. After doing a six week session with Margaret, his reading comprehension improved, he made great leaps in his ability to work on his own and overall he gained confidence in his ability to do his school work without much help from me. After his six week session,  during the summer, he continued to meet with Margaret once a week for the following school year which also helped him stay on task with his school work. Most importantly my  son never complained about meeting with Margaret, even though the initial six week session was during the summer, five days a week for an hour!
Margaret was truly wonderful to work with and my son is grateful to have had her help!” ~ Maria (This student is now headed to college!)

“Margaret Walsh has been my son’s tutor for the past year. I can strongly recommend Margaret and her teaching methods. In this past year, my son has grown not only in academics but also in confidence. She has helped him to visualize pictures, stories and lectures. This has greatly improved his ability to memorize and organize very important information. I was also very impressed with her professionalism, her promptness, and her availability to our family needs. But most especially, I was moved by her caring attitude and her interest in what was important to my son. My son felt this too and wanted to work hard for her.” ~ Lucinda

Student Testimonials

“Margaret helped me with a lot of things.  She taught me how to picture so that I could understand what I was reading.  She also taught me different mind games, which was my favorite thing.  AND, she was a lot of fun!”  Ted